POLA diem couleur foundation case & Elegance powder foundation case

Some of Japanese enjoy using “beautiful” case with other products. If you are able to read Japanese, you may find out some people are writing about which case is fitting to which.

Some vanity people using expensive case with drugstore brands. The other keep using old cases for being ethical. I am trying to keep myself ethical. This is the reason why I stop using Lancome powder foundations, they quite often change case standards.

In Japan, some brands in different makers share “case” standards.

Albion is one of the companies, and they have “round” powders, powder blush, the famous “Elegance La Poudre Haute Nuance” (small one), and the foundation in “Elegance” brand, and in Albion brand they have two “Smart Skin”, according to the BC of Albion. They have three case designs in Elegance, and two in “Smart Skin”, but the size of inside dishes are the same, but I doubt that whether the Poudre is thiner than others. Also, please remember, La Poudre’s small one does not sell the case only.

Pola is sharing the same size with albion in the round products.

I bought two diem couleur foundations testers. They fit to the original case.

Glow caseDiem case

When Albion releases “Autumn-Winter” and “Spring-Summer” foundations, they change the colors of the cases. But POLA did not. They use the same design. It is a little bit inconvenient for me.

I heard that Elegance is sharing the same size with Pola, and I bought it. The case for the powder foundation.

Elegance empty

Because it is a tester, there are no plastic films in my “refill”, I decided to place the powder foundation on this Elegance, and POLA original must be for Glow.

Here you are.

Diem in elegance

It fits perfectly, and height of the dish is also the perfect. And the good thing is that Elegance case is slightly cheaper than POLA :).

If you have smart skin case, seems you are able to use for the diem couleur foundations. Indeed I can not promise the height.

Here is a note of the sponges.

  • Albion sells the refill / case with a sponge/ sponges
  • Pola sells the refill with a sponge/ case

So, When you buy diem powder foundation and Elegance powder foundation case, you will get one square sponge and the round sponge. However the size of the square sponge by POLA is too big for the round palette of Elegance.

I know some people uses two or three sponges for using one powder/ emulsion foundation. You  are not able to buy the original sponge by POLA. They do not sell the sponges only. But Elegance sells the round sponges.

It may be strange, but each makers have their policy or something.

I glad to go to buy the Elegance or Smart Skin case, but the source is different from POLA seller. We accept your order with POLA diem couleur and the Elegance or Smart Skin case, but please place the order at least one Albion/ Elegance products.