Albion Smart Skin White Rare Air

In SS2021, Albion changed a formula of Smart Skin White Rare to Smart Skin White Rare Air.

I got a sample of #01

A store used a sticker to make a set with a small sponge, it looked ugly, but it is simply a sample, the purpose is for checking the shades.

As a cooling factor, it includes Menthol. I often feel sting when there are these menthol or mint. I hesitate use it whether my skin condition is good or bad. If you are sensitive for Menthol or Mint, you should not use this.

Also, as the same with Smart Skin Very Rare Air, this emulsion foundation of White Rare Air is a foundation of no primers, the same with Albion Smart skin Very Rare Air.

Shade swatch

There are swatch with Albion Smart Skin Very Rare Air.

smart skin swatch

In the picture above, White Rare Air #01 looks darker than Very Rare Air #01, but it can be due to the quantity of  layer.

Indeed I admit White Rare Air #01 and Very Rare Air #01 & #02 can be categorized as the same shade zone.

Due to the menthol issue, I KNOW it is not for me. It is already went to the trust box, there are no new swatch of it. When you want to see the shade swatches, please consider to check Albion Smart skin Very Rare Air. #01 and #02 of Very Rare Air should help you to see it.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Smart Skin Line”.