Albion Skin Care Method

Talking with Lukin (from USA) or Sarah (from Hong Kong), I recognized how unique Japanese Skincare method is. I (Cherry) am trying to explain things, but let me explain you one of the most unique skin care method of Albion.

Albion 4 steps

Albion is one of the brands what we really often have orders, especially foundations.

Let me talk back to Albion skin care method.
The method is called as “4 steps method”.
Step1 Washing
Step2 Milk
Step3 Lotion
Step4 Wrapping

Showing you what they are each.

Albion skin care method is common with Albion/ Ignis and Cosme Decorte. Cosme Decorte is a brand under Kose (one of the biggest skin care/ makeup makers in japan), and Albion is a branch company of Kose.

Step1 Washing

They are Makeup Remover and Face Wash.

Makeup Remover

Of course you have no need to use makeup removers when you are not wearing makeups, of course. This section is especially for your night care.

Excia cleansing

I had mentioned how important hygiene is, and the way to use oil makeup removers.
Beauty tips — How do you remove your makeup?
Do you makeup? I know most of our audiences are love to makeup every day. I also know the other are not makeup. But how about sunscreens?? You may use sunscreens. Aren’t they waterproof or water resistance, are they?

If they are those, my recommend is using Makeup Removers first, and Face Wash second.

In this picture above, I am showing “Cream” type. There are “Oil”, “Milk”, “Gel”, “Water” etc. My recommend is “Cream” or “Oil”, you can remove pretty well. And what I do not recommend is “Gel”, in my experience, they remains things pretty, pretty much, and to remove those clearly, I needed to scratch or wash many times, and often it makes my skin drier. Worst is “Water”, in person. Nothing to say: my skin is sensitive, and I often get stinger by Alcohol. I often wonder why makers are insisting “water” makeup removers are for sensitive skin 🙁

What I show you above is Albion Excia Cleansing Cream.

Face Wash

Albion recommends to use face washes in morning too, but I don’t. I haven’t sleep without removing my makeup. I don’t feel oily when I wake up at morning. I wash my face by tap water in morning.

Lift dimension foam

This face wash are often liquid, paste, powder, milk etc.
Excluding enzymatic face washes (like Papawash), as long as you can make rich bubbles, they are good, I am sure.

The picture above is one of the typical paste face wash in Japan: Cosme Decorte Lift Dimension Purifying Foam Cleanser.

I may explain about those things later, when my skin condition was super bad, I applied powder foundation only. Sometimes I wear sunscreens which has no effect of waterproof/ water resistance. When those days, I use face wash only.

When I use makeup removers, I always use face washes. This is called as “double wash”. The purpose is rinse well makeup removers. After removing makeups, creams are oily, and oil removers are not oily, but I feel uncomfortable. In my experience, I NEVER recommend those products of “you can remove your makeup too” things. They are too strong as a face wash, or they are often too weak to remove my makeup.

Anyway, the section of “wash” is not unique as Japanese Skin Care method.

There are several unique products like Excia Milk Refiner.

Excia milk refiner

It is not a makeup remover, but a face wash. It is (especially) for morning face wash.

And you may worry about “double wash” method will bring your skin drier. When you take away from your skin moisture by washing, why don’t you add and wrap?

Step 2 Albion Milk

The most uniquest part of Albion method is Step 2 & Step 3. Milk (emulsion) first, and lotion second.

In the picture below, I compare products (when my skin is getting tired, but not turning to sensitive or rough), I use 3 pushes for each side of my face.

excia infiness

I may tell you later, but shortly to say, Japanese skincare method is pouring water by lotion (really watery lotion), wrapping by emulsion or cream (oily things) to avoid evaporation. So, the step is Wash-Lotion-Emulsion (or cream).

Albion’s method is unique: 4 steps of Wash-Milk-Lotion-Cream/ Serum. Have you heard about “pre-lotion” items? It is opening route to pour your lotion. Albion’s milk (emulsion) is that kind of product.

And Albion recommends to use cottons to use their milk.

The purpose is removing the things avoid lotions are going into. It is the effect of “wiping” by cottons. If you have use makeups, are you really sure with removing your makeup perfectly? Are you sure you could rinse perfectly the makeup removers?

Lukin of the States had described for you the merit of using cottons, she had also told me that it is hard to find such a nice quality cottons in the States.

The cotton pads allow the products to penetrate your facial skin without your fingers rubbing too much or missing a corner or area of your face. That may sound silly to some people, but since I didn’t understand before, maybe my review will help other people understand better.

What I show you above are:

Step 3 Lotion

Albion is producing nice lotions. But not pretty much unique. Just a usual “most well” products. Ah, so far, there are no stinging for me, excluding Skin Conditioner Essential, what made me feel stinging.

Excia Brightening Lotion

And for dry skin (like me), are you sure with your water and oil conditions? When I visit my dermatologist (in Spring, I had super bad condition) told me that “add water, and less oil”. Camellia Oil or other skin care oils are good (I like Horse Oil), but do not forget to pour water on your skin!

I asked the BC of Albion how do I do when I wanna use Albion Skin Conditioner Essential. She told me that Milk first, Skin Conditioner second, and something wrap. You can change Skin Conditioner Essential and other Albion lotion morning and night as you like. In person, to my damaged skin, Skin Conditioner Essential gives me too pain to keep using.

What I show you above is Albion Excia Brightening Lotion.

Step 4 Wrapping

After lotion, you need to wrap avoiding evacuation.

In Japanese method, it is often by Emulsion. But according to the BC of Albion, Albion milks has no effect of wrapping. So, you need something to wrap. Albion sells Cream & Serum.
Excia replant cream
You do not need to buy both Cream and Serum. You can choose one. If you like using creams, choose cream. If you do not like creams, choose serum. The purpose is that seals the moisture in and is supposed to prevent spots and freckles.

Me? I often combine with other products with Albion. I am using their emulsions. But they are also attractive.

What I show you above is: Albion Excia Replant Cream.