Albion Excia Milk Refiner

In AW2020, Albion changed the whole line of Albion Excia AL Renewing line.

Albion Excia AL Cell Clarity Milky Form is already discontinued, and there are new product of Excia Milk Refiner as for your face washing.

I bought a seasonal kit of Excia AL Radiance Renew Extra Milk kit in 2020. There are some small bottles are included with one full bottle of milk. Let me share how I felt.

Previously, Albion Excia AL Cell Clarity Milky Form is the typical liquid face wash, to foam whip and “wash”.

But in this product of Excia Milk Refiner is a kind of milk cleanser, you are not able to make bubble.

Albion recommends to use this product to remove the residue of the makeup remover. There is a good case that the makeup remover what can not remove my waterproof makeup; Ignis Sunny Sour Cleansing Lotion.

Excia milk refiner

When you use Excia Cleansing Cream, you may find it is much better than Ignis Sunny Sour, but it is not able to remove those waterproof products, and afterward of using, your skin will be greasy filmed.

This products is for removing those residue. Indeed as a product using after the makeup remover, I recommend to use soaps.

But this product is not using on that way. BC of Albion recommended to use in morning. Do you know about Albion Prian? See also: Albion Prian.

In morning you are too busy to pay attention your skin condition, aren’t you? Wipe your face with this refiner, and rinse by water. Your skin is well moisturised!

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Excia Radiance Renew Line