Ignis Sunny Sour Cleansing Lotion

Ignis Sunny Sour Cleansing Lotion is new for SS2020. I got a sample of it, and let me show you how I felt. This “Lotion” is a makeup remover.

Previously, there was a makeup remover called “Ignis Sunny Sour Duo Cleansing Lotion”. I used it and it was not for me.

In this formula, it is not typical “lotion”, but it was runny gel.

Ignis sunny sour cleansing

In the previous formula, I didn’t expect it is for me, and I think so in this formula.

There is my makeup, and removing shot.

  • Albion Excia
  • Albion Excia foundation
  • Albion Excia powder foundation
  • Jill Stuart Eyeliner
  • Three Demure lipstick
  • RMK Mascara
  • Suqqu eyeshadow
Ignis sunny sour cleansing

In the first touch, it could not removed even my powder eyeshadow! I touched several times, eyeshadow & lips are removed completely, but my waterproof RMK mascara was left. I admit RMK mascara is not easy to be removed, but it is unacceptable for my using.

I used another product of Excia Cleansing Milk to wipe the residue, and the combination removed the RMK.

Guess I should better to use something point makeup removers to remove waterproof makeups. It is not my preference.

Also stinging. In previous formula, I often feel something irritation and stinging with using some of the Sunny Sour Duo line.

My current skin condition is quite good. But in this formula, when I apply it on my face, I felt something irritation on my lips, and eye lines. Afterward of my rinsing this product, I found my lips were pealed slightly.

It is not for me. But I also need to note that it is not meaning this product is bad for all the people. There is a possibility of it is fitting to your skin.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Ignis Sunny Sour Line”.