Albion Smartskin Very Rare Air is a foundation of no need primers

In AW2020, Albion changed  Albion Smartskin Very Rare to Albion Smartskin Vary Rare Air.

I got a sample of #02, I share how I feel.

This foundation looks powder, but actually is an emulsion.

The way to use: Apply this foundation to the sponge and blend on your face directly. This foundation is a kind of no primer foundation.

Luckily, I could obtain #01, #02, and #03. Here is a swatch.

Smart Skin Very Rare Air Swatch

Those three shades are not quite big different between each of them. Guess this product is designed for Japanese standard shades.

Coverage, Texture, Lasting

For me, the coverage is sheer. It does not cover some of my problem of uneven skin tone, but it hides my pores pretty well. I like the finish is so natural, there are no shining effect. Also, guess you may not see the significant difference between those two.

The wearing texture is really light. This is another nice point, in person.

The lasting. For me, my skin condition is almost perfect, as the drier season. I walked for almost 60 mins, and few sweat. It was not pretty bad, as the previous formula. I admit I had wiped my face, and it gone.

Due to the coverage and the perfume, I may not buy this for myself, but this line is also often ordered. It is useful the foundation of no need primers, but I wear sunscreens. The sunscreen effect of this Smartskin Very Rare Air, it is SPF33 PA+++, I guess this is fair, but not enough to use in Summer, I am sure.

There are some shade swatches.


Comparing previous formula of Smart Skin Very Rare #01 & Smart Skin Very Rare Air #01

A friend of mine found she kept Smart Skin Very Rare #01, the previous formula. I newly got a sample of Smart Skin Very Rare Air #01, please let me share the swatch.

smartskin 01 comparison

Both are the very my arm shade! Can you see them?? In my eyes, the Smart Skin Very Rare #01 is slightly darker than Smart Skin Very Rare Air #01. After bending on my arm, I thought there are not quite big difference on my arm. Guess previous formula looked darker and shimmering on the picture, but it is due to the sunshine!

Comparing with Cosme Decorte Weekend Glow Stick Foundation

My current foundation is Cosme Decorte Weekend Glow Stick Foundation #02.

Smart skin cosmedecorte

It is also a sheer finish foundation. They can be categorised in the same shade zone, but I feel Smartskin Very Rare Air #02 is a little bit darker than Cosme Decorte.

Comparing with Pola diem couleur color blend foundation N

pola albion swatch

POLA diem foundation N is a unique product. It is hard to see the difference of them. I felt they are in the same shade zone!!!

Swatch with Albion Smart Skin White Rare Air #01

White Rare Air is new for SS2021.

smart skin swatch

In the picture above, White Rare Air #01 looks darker than Very Rare Air #01, but it can be due to the quantity of  layer.

Indeed I admit White Rare Air #01 and Very Rare Air #01 & #02 can be categorized as the same shade zone.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Smart Skin Line”.