Cosme Decorte Weekend Glow Stick Foundation

I bought a new foundation, Cosme Decorte Weekend Glow Stick Foundation, this is new for SS2020.

In the year of 2020, how do you spend? I wear masks to walking outside. It can be one of the new normal. Do you wear makeups? I rarely. I wear eye makeups only. I strongly recommend to use sunscreens, we may earn mask marks in this summer. But the foundations. Hmm. Indeed it is also true that it is the time to buy new one. It is not expensive foundation, and I have strongly interested on the “stick” foundations. I chose this new foundation.

There are only 3 shades. I chose #02. I checked some foundation samples what I have, I found Albion Excia AL Lifting Emulsion Moist, #N201. I show you with swatching.

Weekend glow stick

I am feeling the Cosme Decorte Weekend Glow Stick Foundation has something perfume, but it was much weaker than Albion Excia foundation.

Excia AL Lifting Emulsion foundation is categorised as “emulsion foundation” it is a creamy paste foundation. It is really smooth. Also, my new stick foundation has also a smooth texture. After I draw few lines directly by the stick, I use a sponge to spread on my face.

The finish is natural. It is not quite “glow” or shimmering. The coverage is less. On the picture, you may see slightly there is a mark, it is a mark of dripping while I was hospitalised. My arms have lots of marks of dripping, injections, and blood sampling for my (more than) 2 weeks hospitalise.

Anyway, what I want to say is, the coverage of this stick foundation is less, and even you are hard to find my dripping mark, I could see it in my eyes.

The lasting is more than I had expected. I walked (as a part of my rehab!) to ship a parcel for a customer of mine, and back to home, it took totally 40 mins walking, I was sweat really a lot, and the foundation was there. I am not sure whether it is good for the tropical area, but it may be not pretty bad for my daily using.

When the coverage is less for your demand, I recommend to use strong coverage/ color controlling foundation primers.

Also, when you buy new one, the stick is packed in a pouch.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Cosme Decorte Foundations.