Ignis Bright Cleansing Cream

Albion changed the full formula of Ignis on April 2020.

Ignis Whitening Line is generally medicated products for brightening, but this Bright Cleansing Cream is not a medicated.

Long a go, there was a product named “Ignis VQ Brightening Cleaning N”, it was on a jar, but the current formula of Ignis Bright Cleansing Cream is a tube type. I guess it is more friendly to use.

This Ignis Bright Cleansing Cream is a makeup remover. I got samples and let me share how I felt.

This is a cream makeup remover. In my experience, oil makeup removers or cream makeup removers are MUCH better than milk/ gel / liquid removers.

Ignis remover

Ignis remover

In the first touch, it removed not pretty bad. The eyeliner by Jill Stuart & RMK Mascara are good lasting and hard to remove. It removed them quickly.

After several touch, it removed completely.

After removing my makeup, I felt my skin was nicely moist. 🙂

The perfume is herbal, the same with other Ignis Whitening Line and Ignis Whitening Premium Line. This is another nice point. I like this scent.

Previous Ignis VQ removers removed good, but I think this formula is removing much better than previously. I think it is a nice makeup remover.

Afterward of my rinsing my face to rinse off this makeup remover, I felt my face is oily. I recommend to use your daily face wash.

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