Addiction The Eyeshadow

It is not my first time of using Addiction’s eyeshadow, they changed the formula, and I had used the previous formula.

I was satisfied with using SUQQU #112 Ginsekkei, but it is a limited, and I can not buy it again. I was looking for something new (when it is near of Ginsekkei, it is perfect).

I traveled on July 2019, and found Addiction set on-board DFS. I felt it is not bad for trying. The colors are below.

#92 Marriage is one of the bestseller among Addiction The Eyeshadow, and also many of the customers buys #78 Sakura Storm. I felt #80 Cry Baby and #85 Shanghai Breakfast is also lovely. It is a little bit darker than SUQQU #112 Ginsekkei, but I am not looking for the perfectly the same product.

Here is the swatch.

Addiction the eyeshadow

I needed to place heavier layer to take a shot of #92 Marriage. I surprised how big glitter it was.

Here is my makeup idea.

Addiction the eyeshadow

The usage of #92 is quite unique. Seems Japanese users are using this product on both upper and lower eyelids to pretend “shining eyes”, like 1.

But for me, I am really afraid that this big glitters are coming into my eyes, and bringing allergic tears.

See 2. It is #92 and my pencil eyeliner (THREE). In the picture, it is hard to show you #92 has brown pigments, but as the mono-pallet of #92, this has slightly brown on my arm. It fits to my brown eyeshadow.

See 3 & 4. they are focusing on #85 Shanghai Breakfast. I was grabbed my heart by this smoky mauve – brown color. 3 is a little bit “gorgeous”. 4 will be my new daily makeup for Autumn. I may also use #80 Cry Baby for single use for this summer. You may also see #78 Sakura Storm has also big glitters.

Another shot. It is “typical” Japanese look. The glitters are on the center.

Addiction the eyeshadow

It is not easy to take shots of the glitters. But I chould show you that on the pink/ mauve eyeshadow, both Marriage and Sakura Storm are not big difference, and it is the same with my eyes. Glitters in Marriage are a little bit bigger than Sakuda Storm.

Anyway, please check the latest price, and order from here:” Addiction the Eyeshadow”.