Albion Infinesse White Whitening Pump Milk made my skin moist and well prepared for other treatment!

In SS2018, Albion is going to change the formula of Infinesse White. Infinesse White Whitening Milk IA to Whitening Pump Milk. I got some samples of new Infinesse White products. Please let me share the Whitening Pump Milk to other milk/ emulsions.

Infinesse White Whitening Pump Milk has Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside)as the brightening factor.

General review

Infinesse Line is targeted towards women in their 30s with the lifting function, and the Whitening Line has brightening and firming properties, with faster results, as Albion claims.

As with other Albion milks, this one is meant to be used after face wash to bring back moisture to the skin.

The texture is a little bit thick and milky, not too runny, as you can see from the swatch blow. It spreads and absorbs well on my skin too. After applying, my skin is moist, and well prepared for other treatments, as you want.

I did not notice significant whitening after using this, which is understandable because I only used a sample—with skincare, it will take a few more applications to see results.  I did not experience breakouts while using this one, even if this product has mineral oil. There are others who may want to take note, especially for those who are sensitive to that ingredient. Overall I feel that it is a good product to help retain moisture in the skin after washing.

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In this time, we do not have samples/ bottles of Infinesse White Whitening Milk IA, we can not compare with this new milk and the previous formula.


Comparing with Albion Excia Brightening Rich Milk

Albion released Albion Excia Brightening Rich Milk in SS2021.

excia infiness

3 pushes for the Excia, and the quantity of Infinesse is by my eyes.

I felt they are almost the same texture, the different perfume, but I feel Excia is more creamy.

And the lifting, I did not feel so much big difference between two milks, on that time.

Of course I did not feel any stings, but if your skin is quite damaged, I do not recommend to use.

For me, these are not pretty much oily, but it can be because my skin is combination to dry now. If you are an oil prone, Albion is not for you.

Infinesse White is affordable price, but in person, I prefer Excia’s perfume.

And in addition, (I may write the detail )  the brightening factors are different. Which do you prefer? Vitamin C? orTranexamic acid ? In person, I do not feel any brightening effect with both of them 😀

Comparing with Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV

I keep the comparison with Excia AL Whitening ER Milk SV, made in 2018.
Infinesse White Excia White

In Excia Whitening line, they use Tranexamic acid as the brightening factor.

Anyway, please let me compare these two milks. Whole of the package of Infinesse White, and 3 pushes of Excia.

The texture of Infinesse White is more runnier than Excia White.

Albion products are great quality, but sadly they always add stronger perfume. In person, I prefer Excia AL than Infinesse, but it is really up to people.

Afterward of my using, I felt Whitening ER milk side is more moisturised, and thought the lifting function is almost the same.

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Infinesse Derma Pump Milk is for Autumn – Winter, and I felt its lifting function the most among Albion milks. Please also check my review for Infinesse Derma Pump Milk.

Albion Infinesse Pump Milks

I felt Infinesse  Derma Pump Milk is more quicker to be“ smooth” than other “moisture” line. And Whitening Pump Milk, I did not feel so much big different. The almost the same speed to be smooth, and could not feel the difference of the lifting function.

According to one of the BCs of Albion, she said the Whitening is lighter, but in person, the moisturising level is not big difference.

I could not find any difference of the perfumes, but one of the BAs who I know, she said the perfume of Infinesse White brings her headache, but Infinesse is OK. Those things are really up to people.

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With Ignis Whitening Premium Milk

You may want to see comparison with Ignis Whitening Premium Milk.

Infinesse white Ignis premium

Summary to say, the texture and the finish, Infinesse White Whitening Pump Milk is lighter than Ignis Whitening Premium Milk.

If you are feeling Infinesse White Whitening Pump Milk is too light, and you wand to use the product with L Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside , this Ignis Whitening Premium Milk can be a suggestion.

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With Cosme Decorte Lift Dimension Brighten + Plump Emulsion

lift dimension

I like the scent of Cosme Decorte. I could not find big difference. I will choose Cosme Decorte by the scent. Please see also: Cosme Decorte Lift Dimension Brighten + Plump Emulsion.

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 with Albion Exage White White Rise Milk #2

I need to note that, it is the end of using this Infinesse White White Milk, probably the quantity is 1.5 times of the White Rise Milk #2. Both are strong perfume. I am not an perfume prone, but I dislike them. Albion changed the formula (including the perfume) of Excia in AW2020 to SS2021. I bet the next changing in AW2021 – SS2022 is Infinesse. Hope they change the scent!

Exage Infinesse White

Applying them on my skin, I felt both are easier to get smoother, and I liked the lighter texture of them. I say they are lighter. They are truly OILY products, and if you are an oil prone, I never recommend to use Albion.

Infinesse White is for brightening and supple skin, to be honest, I do not know.

Just compared with Exage White #2 and Infinesse White, I felt Exage #2 is significantly lighter and quicker to be smooth.

Also, I need to note that I compared Albion Exage White White Pure Milk #03 (previous formula) and Infinesse White Whitening Milk IA (previous formula) ago.

Albion Exage Pure White & Infinesse White

I had noted that I could not find any difference between Infinesse Whitening Milk IA and Exage White Pure White Milk #3.

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