Albion Infinesse White White Surge Solution WN is a light brightening serum

Albion changed the formula of Albion Infinesse White White Surge Solution W to Albion Infinesse White White Surge Solution WN in SS2024.

Please let me show you how I felt.

Infinese WN

Albion recommends steps of wash, emulsion (Milk), lotion, and something to wrap.

This serum is one of the items for the final step of Albion method.

It is a medicated product for brightening, and the brightening factor is Niachinamide, it is less harmful for me, in person.

The scent is the same with other Infinesse, but when I use this essence only, this is not pretty much strong like other items like milk or lotion.

When I use some brightening items, I sometimes get sting. When I applied it on my face when my skin condition is not perfect, I got stinging, sadly. When my skin condition is quite good, there are nothing. And compared with other items of Albion, I felt it is not pretty much oily. It does not mean it has less oil. I suppose you should keep your steps from this brand of Albion, if you are an oil prone.

According to Albion, it brings supple skin and brighten. I am satisfied with my skin is still well suppled, and using with samples, I can not say it brighten my skin torn up.

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, seems some says it is not enough moisturized, and I agree with this. But using with other Albion items like Infinesse Milk or something, your skin will be moisturized so well, I like lighter items, and on this point, this is good for me.

Others are saying they found significant difference of brighten with using this essence few times, but I can not say so in person.

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