Sofina White Professional Stick is an affordable and nice brightening item

I (Cherry) sometimes use brightening products. In this time, I chose Sofina White Professional (sick).


This is the brightening item what I repeat often.

Like Haku by Shiseido, those brightening item is essence / serum style. Sofina has essence too, but I like this stick.  I feel I can put this product on my spots directly. This is the first reason.


Can you see there are shining part on my hand. This is the place I put this product. Hope I do not earn extra freckles.

It is not my first time. The previous formula is here.

Sofina White Professional Stick

NOTE:  I have some freckles, some are scar mark by something like mosquito bite, or acne marks. When I keep using this stick, seemed my freckles are getting hard to see. But when I stop using this stick, it is getting easy to find. For me, it worked. Of course I thought it is working for me, and it is not meaning it is always good for you.

If you want to try this product, please check “Sofina White Professional Stick“.