Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation EX is the best foundation ever!

Albion Excia Al Superior Foundation,  Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation were one of the bestselling foundation for us. And as of AW2017, Albion changed this foundation, the current is Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation EX.

Finally I got some samples to show you. (If you want to know about the shade difference between this cream foundation and other Excia emulsion foundations, please check this article: Shade Swatch of Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation and Emulsion Foundations)

Review and Swatch

As the same as last formula, Albion recommends to use primers, but according to the repeater of this foundation, she is using without primers.

With Finger? With Sponge?

According to the BC of Albion, she recommends to apply by finger. At first, I show you the swatch with finger & sponge, by #NA211, the darker of the standard shades.

Let me show you on my arm.

Albion Superior na211 on arm

Seems it i not a big different from the previous formula.

Let me blending.

Albion Superior na211 blending


Done with blending.

Albion Superior na211 Blend

Hmm, due to the quantities, the layers are different. I needed to place a tissue to remove extra for the finger side.

Here you are.

Albion Superior na211 blend + tissue

Hmm. The finish are a little bit different, probably due to the quantity, I am sure.

Seems the Sponge side is with middle – full coverage and natural finish. Finger + Tissue side is full coverage and natural to radiant finish, I felt.

And also you can save this not affordable price foundation with applying by your hands.

Shade Swatch #NA201 & #NA211

The second swatch is #NA201 & #NA211.

Applying this foundation on my arm, I felt this is not pretty hard as previous formulas. The perfume is the same, it is near to Excia AL’s skin care line. Some love this perfume, but not pretty much attractive for me.

Albion Superior foundations on arm

It is pretty easy to set on my skin. Nice.

Albion Superior Foundation Swatch

I am feeling this cream is a little bit runnier than previous formulas, but I can not say.

#NA201, a standard shade (lighter) for Japanese, but it is a little bit pinkish for my arm, as the last formula. #NA211 is also a standard shade (darker) for Japanese, both are categorized as “Natural”. But in person, I am feeling #NA201 is pinkish, and “#NA211 is ochre. But when I blend, this impression changes.

Can you see the difference between blended two shades?

Albion Superior Foundation swatch blend 1

OK, the next is under different lightening.

Albion Superior Foundation swatch blend 2

You may see a little bit different.

In my eyes, they are completely different, but it was so hard to show on the pictures. Anyway, #NA201 is one tone lighter, and #NA211 is one tone darker, they are in the same group.

And see, how it covers my uneven skin torn and freckles pretty well. If you want to wear foundations as light texture and naturally glow, this may be too thick for you. If you want to make your face perfectly flawless, this is attractive for you.

For my arm, with less skin trouble, I have to admit this is too “moist”, but on the other hand, on my face, so dry, the balance of oil and water is a little bit oilier, I felt. This product is for all season, but if you are oily, this is not for you.


I had mentioned as “Sometimes my makeup comes off easily, but there are less problem with this foundation.” for the last formula. Honestly to say, in this formula, I felt it was easier to coming off.

As of Nov 2017, my skin condition is not bad, and there are some freckles and problems, but it is well covered. Probably, this is a full coverage foundation, I shall describe.

It is really really thin layer because the quantity of a sample what I had 🙂 I guess the coverage is quite good.I put a pointer the red circle, and you can see how it covers. My pores are gone, and really natural finish, there are no artificial radiant effect, just natural.  #NA201 is the very my shade, and I guess to cover my problems more better, I should choose #NA211.

The lasting is fair. It lasts well after my one hour walking (I sweat a little on my dace). I am not sure that it lasts well in Summer.

Totally to say, this foundation is not affordable price, but I DON’T know there are any foundations beats this foundation. Are there any such light texture, but quite good coverage and make my skin condition naturally beautiful more than this Albion Excia Al Superior Cream Foundation? So far, I have not find.

You may see I am trying quite many foundations for test to for you, as I had tried, so far, this foundation is the BEST as the full coverage foundation.

If you want to know about the shade difference between this cream foundation and other Excia emulsion foundations, please check this article: Shade Swatch of Albion Excia AL Superior Cream Foundation and Emulsion Foundations

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