Albion Excia Primers

Do you use foundation primers? I do.

You may have particular demands for primers, for me, I need sunscreen effects with waterproof (essential) & scratch proof (attractive), and make my foundations fit & lasting well.

On the point, Albion Excia primers are called “Albion Excia Makeup Serum”, and they are not for my demand. There are several samples, let me share what they are with comparing.

AW2022, Albion changed their foundation primer, Albion Excia AL Radiant Glow Makeup Serum to Excia Lapidarist Makeup Serum, also SS2023, Albion changed Excia AL Whitening Radiant Glow Makeup Serum to Excia Fair Brightening Makeup Serum, and also in AW2023, they discontinued Excia AL Superior Makeup Serum EX.

How they are different from each other?

Excia Lapidarist Makeup Serum is SPF20, PA++, probably designed for Autumn-Winter season, also the shade is slightly pinkish.

On the other hand, Excia Fair Brightening Makeup Serum is SPF40, PA+++, it is not bad as the sunscreen, but no waterproof effect, and it is with Tranexamic acid, as a brightening effect. The shade is slightly beige

The coverage is sheer, I am sure. But Albion Excia foundations are good for coverage.

There are less color controlling effect, please choose something color controlers if you need.


Let me show you the swatch.

Excia Primer Swatch

Guess it is difficult to see the shade difference, but Excia Lapidarist Makeup Serum is more pinkish than Excia Fair Brightening Makeup Serum, which is more beige.

Also both change my skin tone more white, I am not so much feeling it is covering my uneven skin tone.

As a primer, they make fit my foundation (the same with other foundation primers), and I am not quite sure whether it makes foundation lasting better than other foundation primers.

Why Cherry uses foundation primers?

I guess they are good combination with powder foundations.

If you apply your foundation, especially powder foundation directly, it often gets really easy to run or something “balls” on your face.


It is just basic foundation primers effect that is to prevent those problems.

But it is also true that there are some foundations and primers what are good compatible or not. If you are choosing Albion Excia Foundations, especially their powder foundations, you have no worries about that.

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