Kao Biore UV for Kids

I (Cherry) got a rough skin with using face masks in Spring-Summer 2023. My favorite Allie is usually not bad for me, but in those days, I felt irritation. I thought it is a time to choose Anessa Mild, and run into a drugstore, but I could not find it. I found this Kao Biore UV for Kids. It is MUCH better than I’d expected. Let me share how I felt.

Please shake well before applying, it is a liquid sunscreen.

Hope you may see how it is runny.

Biore UV Kids

Applying it on my face, I need to admit it is a greasy product. Indeed it is surprisingly good waterproof.

Biore Kids blend

Also, in the picture above, it is not easy to see, but it makes my skin tone white, in bad meaning.

The best points are 1) I didn’t feel any irritation, 2) good sunscreen effect (SPF50+, PA+++), and 3) quite good waterproof effect.

Also, I don’t feel so much stinky smell in this sunscreen.

I sweat pretty a lot in Summer, this Biore UV for Kids helps not tanning a lot, I am sure.

I need to note that I strongly recommend to apply makeup removers to remove this sunscreen. When I applied it on my hands, I tried to wash by soap to remove as I do the same for Allie, I could not remove it. I needed to use cleansing oil to remove it from my hands. I am using cottons to apply it on my face.

If you want to purchase it, please check the current price, and order from here: “Kao Biore UV“.