Lunasol Glowing Seamless Balm EX is middle coverage and natural finish foundation

In AW2022, Lunasol had changed a formula of “Lunasol Glowing Seamless Balm” to “Lunasol Glowing Seamless Balm EX”, it is still in a (round) jar. Due to the hygiene, I dislike jar type foundations.

I got a sample of its #OC02. Let me share how I feel.

Generally to say

I would describe the texture of this foundation as creamy, and sticks fairly well. When I apply this, it spreads easily on the skin and it feels lightweight, but there is a considerable amount of pigment in it, which covers skin imperfections / uneven skin tone really well. It  does not settle on dry patches. It feels very smooth.The coverage is a comfortable medium for me. It does not feel oily or particularly moisturizing on me, and I don’t need to set it with powder, but when I wear masks to go, I use powders.

The finish is once again, creamy and flawless.

Wear time is about 6-7 hours and fading is minimal. I like the coverage of this one, it gives a flawless look without looking overdone. this is a solid product from Lunasol and I feel it can work for a variety of skin types. For very dry or oily skin a primer would help in terms of application and staying power.


There are some swatches. Sadly I don’t have samples for the previous formula.

I am looking for something cream foundation what is near to SUQQU #120, without perfume. I checked my swatches, and the previous Lunasol Balm #OC-02 is a little bit darker than SUQQU #120, then, it is a time to try new Lunasol Balm #OC-02.

With Albion Excia Gland Imperial Foundation

In my eyes, it is a little bit more ochre color than Excia, the and the lightness is near to #NA201.

Albion Gland Foundation swatch

Excia/ Excia AL foundation are a little bit more pinkish than other brands. Kanebo tends to more strong ochre pigment. I admit Excia #NA201 is good, but a little bit too pinkish for me.

I am going to try to find other a little bit more, but this Lunasol Glowing Seamless Balm #OC02 is not bad to purchase in this Autumn-Winter for me. But I say again and again, I prefer tubes more than jars!!

On my face, I am feeling Lunasol is natural finish, and good coverage, and Excia is natural finish, and full coverage.

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If you want to know about new Excia Gland Imperial foundation, please see also: Albion EXCIA Gland Imperial Foundation is the best full coverage foundation ever!.

With SUQQU The Creamy Foundation #120 (Previous formula)

Lunasol SUQQU swatch

Both were too much quantity, I put tissue to make things good as I often do, but I found it was not easy to see on the picture!

The shade is #OC02, one of the standard shade for Japanese skin. I felt it is a little bit darker than SUQQU #120.

In previous formula, when I visited Lunasol counter, and check my shades, #YO-02 was for my face. They had changed the formulas, I should visit the counter to check my shade for my face, but no chance.

The color of #OC02 is fixing to my arm. See, my uneven skin torn was cleared. But frankly to say, on my face, I found some of my spots and scar marks. I felt this is middle coverage and natural finish.  And if you have no freckles, it will makes your skin more smooth and beautiful.

With Lunasol Fusing Oil Glow #OC02 (previous formula)

In this swatch, I compared the same shades in the same brand.

Lunasol foundation swatch

You may see Lunasol Fusing Oil Glow, the emulsion foundation side is slightly lighter, but there is a possibility of the different of the layer. In my eyes, both can be categorised as the same shade group. When you think this Lunasol Glowing Seamless Balm is too heavy coverage, Fusing Oil Glow is better for you, I am sure.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Lunasol Foundations”.