Kanebo Allie Chrono Beauty Color Tuning UV

I really liked Kanebo Allie Extra UV BB as my primer & sunscreen, but it is discontinued on 2020 or 2021, and in 2022, there are new product, Kanebo Allie Chrono Beauty Color Tuning UV.

I had thought that this product is a primer/ color controller, but Kanebo recommend to use it as “No Foundation”, probably applying it on your bare skin, and without powders/ foundations.

Anyway, it was already end of September, and I don’t use sunscreens on my body in late Sep. My Facial UV EX is almost ending, it is a time to purchase new product. I chose #02: Sunny Apricot.

Also in my vacation in mid of Oct, I perfectly bring my #02, so I went to drug store to buy another, I chose #03.

Allie is a sunscreen with SPF 50+, PA++++, Waterproof, and Friction Proof effects. I often feel stinging or something irritation with sunscreens, but in this (almost) one decade, I haven’t feel those with Allie products.

What attracted me to the brand is the so-called “fiction-proof” technology that supposedly forms a protective veil over the skin to counteract oil, perspiration water and even day-to-day activities.

Comparing with Kanebo Allie Chrono Beauty Facial Gel UV EX, and shade swatch of #02 & #03

Guess I should better to tell you about the swatch with Allie Chrono Beauty Facial Gel UV EX, I had used this product on my face as a foundation primer.

Kanebo Allie Chrono Beauty Color Tuning UV 02

Both are well moisturised UV, and I did not feel dryness under sunny & dry Autumn.

I don’t think both have color controlling effect. There are pink/ beige primers what does not have enough color controlling effect, I think this Chrono Beauty Color Tuning UV is one of them.

It turns my skin tone to white, but it is blended to natural shade soon.

The waterproof effect is not super strong, it is stronger, but not perfect.

I don’t think it covers pores, nor my uneven skin tone.

It is simply a foundation primer with strong sunscreen effect.

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Allie Chrono Beauty Color Tuning UV #03

I missed Allie BB. While my traveling, I perfectly forgot to bring my Color Tuning UV #02. I went to a drugstore and bought another, #03 Sheer Beige.

#02 & #03 has perfume, and they are different scent, #03 is more woody, and #02 is more floral.

allie comparison

All three are almost the same texture; at least I could not find differences, when spread onto the skin, the texture is moisturising enough for me.

In the third rightest, I don’t think you can find differences, in my eyes, the most pinkish was #02, and the most natural is Chrono Beauty Facial Gel UV EX. The #03 is hmm, somehow strange, no coverage, but too pale for me, it makes me look like I am a sick.

They say I can wear this alone without any other makeup, other than a sunscreen underneath, but it can be a foundation primer, not for single use for me.

As a foundation primer, I guess #02 is for me, I am looked like a ruddy look, great sunscreen effect, and

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Kanebo Allie