Ignis Moisturizing Efforia Milk

In AW2022, Albion released Ignis Most Line Efforeia series under Ignis brand.

I (Cherry) got samples of this product. Let me tell you how I felt.

Generally to say:

The scent is the same with other Ignis brands. Guess unlike Albion brand, you are not able to choose something with the scent.

Also, this product is an oily thing, if you are an oil prone, Albion products are not for you.

If you are not familiar with Albion/ Ignis/ Cosme Decorte Skin care method, please check here: Albion Skin Care Method.

Comparing with Albion Excia Renewing Extra Rich Milk

In the price zone, this product is more expensive than Ignis Moist Premium Milk, I guess it should be compared with Albion Excia Renewing Rich/ Extra Rich Milk or Cosmetic Decorte AQ Emulsion. Here I have a small size of Excia Extra Rich Milk, let me compare it with this new Ignis Efforia Milk.

ignis moisturizing efforia vs excia

Unlike Exia Milk, this Efforia Mik has one type, there are neither Rich Milk nor Extra Rich Milk.

The quantity is full package for Efforia Milk, and quantity of Excia Milk is by my eyes.

I applied them each sides of my face, it means double quantity 🙂 It is late of Oct, it is really sunny and dry days, I am feeling my skin is getting drier, and tired, I often use double quantity of Albion/ Ignis/ Cosme Decorte products to boost.

Simply to say, I could not find big difference between Ignis Efforia and Excia Renewing ER, on the points of texture, oiliness, and the finish. The significant difference is the scent. I like both, anyway.

But I can say about moisturized and oil thing. Because of the whether, chilly, but sunny, it is drier (than other seasons for me, but I know it is not pretty much dry for you especially people from the mid continents of the Americas/ Europe/ Australia). I feel my skin is really dry.

Both may be good for my current skin condition and environment.

Afterward of them, I feel my both sides are well moisturized, and kept by oil.

If you feel Ignis Efforia Milk is oilier or too much, please use less quantity, it often solves. Probably Excia Renewing Rich Milk may be a little bit lighter.

VS Cosme Decorte Absolute AQ Micro Radiance Emulsion Rich

In the price zone, you may consider this Ignis Moisturizing Efforia Milk with Cosme Decorte Absolute AQ Micro Radiance Emulsion. Let me compare it with AQ Emulsion Rich.

Cosme Decorte AQ vs Ignis Moisturizing Effortia

AQ is 2 pushes, and whole of the package for Ignis, both are the quantities of makers are recommending,

Both sides are oilier but different kind, Ignis is a little bit slippy, and AQ is a little bit smoother, it can be due to the quantity.

You may be able to choose due to the scent, both are wonderful. AQ is Sandalwood, Ignis is herbal.

If you feel Ignis Efforia Milk is not enough, please apply more quantity.

When you need an effect of lifting your face up, probably Albion Infiness or Cosme Decorte Lift Dimention may be for you.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Ignis Moist Line Efforia”.