Ignis Moisturizing Efforia Lotion

Ignis released Moist line Efforia series in AW2022.

I got samples of Ignis Moisturizing Efforia Lotion.

Let me share how I felt.

ignis moisture effortia lotion

This lotion is transparent look, and neither thick nor sticky texture.

And on my skin, it moisturized my face really well with really few quantity. My bare face gets smooth really soon.  I guess people rarely using this lotion alone.

This Ignis product is also for Albion Skin care method, in other words, Emulsion first, and Lotion second. But I rarely use their lotion after their emulsion/ milk. I think this Ignis Efforia lotion is not bad in mid Summer, without emulsions.

I bet they are going to release Efforia Birighteing lotion or something for SS2023.

There are no irritation, and the scent is the same with other Ignis products. I like it.

Totally to say, it is not bad, I thought.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Ignis Moist Line Efforia”.