Cosme Decorte Lift Dimension Plump + Firm Emulsion

Seems Cosme Decorte changes Cellgenie line to Lift Dimension line in AW2020. I got some samples, let me share with you.

There are two types of “Cosme Decorte Lift Dimension Plump + Firm Emulsion” for normal/ combination skin, and “Cosme Decorte Lift Dimension Plump + Firm Emulsion ER” for dry skin.

Generally to say

They are insisting it brings your skin well moisturised and more supple. On the point of price, and what they insist, I should better to compare it with Infiness milk, what I felt it pulls my face up. Sadly there are no samples of Infinesse now. My skin is supple, and I do not think this Cosme Decorte Lift Dimension Emulsion is over than Infinesse milk, on that point.

The scent is sweeten, and I felt it is more herbal than Cosme Decorte AQ Emulsion ER. On the point it is really good.


I like Albion/ Ignis/ Cosme Decorte milks, but it is brightening line what I often buy. I just checked what I have in full size/ trial size/ samples, I had only Excia products for moisturising line. Let me compare them.

As other comparison, I use one package for one side of my face, and another one package for another side of my face.

Comparing Plump Firm Emulsion and Plump Firm Emulsion Extra Rich

Lift dimension

Both are runny products. I am in the perfectly air conditioned room, and I do not feel so much difference between two products in the each sides of my face.

I say both are oily products, as the other Cosme Decorte Emulsions, it is not good for those who are thinking themselves are oil prone.

As long as you are not oil prone, when you feel it is too much oily for you, please change the quantity, 2 pushes or 1 push, or a half of a push. When you feel it is not enough, please add extra pushes as you want.

Comparing Cosme Decorte Lift Dimension Plump + Firm Emulsion with Albion Excia Radiance Renew Milk

In AW2020, Albion also changes the formula of their famous milk of Excia AL Renewing Milk SV, the current product of normal/ combination skin is called Albion Excia Radiance Renew Milk.

Both look runny.

Cosme Decorte Excia

Both moisturised well under the season of Late Aug, it is drier with heated. I did not feel there are no significant difference, excluding the scent.

New Excia scent is somehow bitter, and this Lift Dimension is sweeten. The price zone is different. I think many feel this Lift Dimension is affordable and attractive than Excia.

Also, in Albion, there are the same price zone with the Lift Dimension, called “Infinesse”. To be honest, I dislike the scent of Infinesse Derma Pump Milk. When I need to choose one, I would choose this Cosme Decorte Lift Dimension Emulsion.

I bet they are going to release new Lift Dimension Whitening line or something in SS2021. I am looking forward using it.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Cosme Decorte Lift Dimension Line.

with Cosme Decorte Lift Dimension Brighten + Plump Emulsion ER

Cosme Decorte Lift Dimension Brighten also two types. I compared ER to ER.

Lift dimension comparison

Both are too heavy for my current skin condition. I like more lighter products now. I am feeling both are almost the same lightness. I don’t think it is strange for you that you are switching those two.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: