How to choose Albion Exage, Infinesse and Excia AL?

In Albion there are 3 major lines, Exage, Infinesse, and Excia AL, and all of they have moisture type and whitening (brightening) line.

Excia Milks

When Japanese change moisture line to whitening line?

When Albion change formulas, they release new moisture products on Aug-Sep, and new whitening products on Mar-Apr.

But according to one of the BCs of Albion, who is the best BC ever met, she told me that she is changing products from moisture to whitening one by one (as she used at all) since late of April, she changes all of her skin care on late of June. When she changes back to whitening to moisture since late of August to early of September.

She advised me that use moisture line much longer than whitening line, because my skin is neither tough nor oily . She also suggested me that use moisture line for all the year, and add something “brightening “ items.

It can be because of our climate. In here, it is Spring in late Feb to May, it is rain season in June to mid of July, it is mid Summer mid of July to late of Aug. It is late Summer in late of Aug to late of Sep or early of Oct (it changes every year…), It is Autumn in Oct to Nov. It is Winter in late of Nov to Feb.

If you are from the place like Hong Kong, I found it was Early Summer in early of April (I was surprised), and she might choose whitening since March. When I lived in Michigan, it was frozen on late of March, I might change whitening on May or later.

Difference between Exage, Infinesse and Excia AL Renewing

Exage: Moisturize your skin

Infinesse: Smooth supple, and lifting up

Excia AL Renewing: Moisturize, smooth and supple, BC tolds this is good for your tired skin 🙂

I also say especially Excia is for aging care.

According to the BC, Infinesse is designed for working women (especially working mothers), and it works quicker to be sinked. It may be true that I felt Infinesse milk is the most quick to be smooth among Albion milks.

Cherry compared all the milks belonging to moisture line

I used all the milks, Exage Activation Moisture Milk #1,#2,#3, Infinesse Moisture Milk IA, Excia AL Renewing Rich Milk SV, Renewing Extra Rich Milk SV.

Albion Exage 3 VS Excia AL Renewing Extra Rich Milk

Comparing Albion Excia AL Renewing Rich Milk SV VS Extra Rich Milk SV
Comparing Albion Infiness Derma Pump Milk & other Excia AL, Exage milks
Comparing Albion Exage Activation Moisture Milk VS Excia AL Renewing Milk SV

I felt all of they are oily, if you are an oil prone, this maker is not for you.

My skin afterword of the Albion milks, I suggest Infinesse milk is the most quickest to be smooth.

From lighter to heavier: Exage #1, Exage #2, Infinesse, Exage #3, Excia AL Rich, and Excia AL Extra Rich.

If you are wondering whether Rich Milk SV or Extra Rich Milk SV, if you feel your skin is dry, maybe both are better, but if you are also feeling you need oil, try Extra Rich SV first, when it is too much, try Rich SV. Once Rich SV is also too much, just too much, try Exage #3. When Rich SV is not only too much, but also slow to be smooth, try Infinesse, if you like its perfume, it can be better. If you dislike the scent of Infinesse, try Exage #2.


I will compare Albion’s Whitening milks too 🙂
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