Quick Sharing of SUQQU Christmas Makeup Kit (2017)




・Designing Color Eyes 111 KOUSETSUKA
・Powder Loose Blush 101 YUKIBUDOU
・Moisture Rich Lipstick 104 BOTANZOME  (small palette)


・Designing Color Eyes 112 GINSEKKEI
・Powder Loose Blush 102 GENKOUIRO 2.7g
・Moisture Rich Lipstic 105 KOIKURENAI  (Small Palette)

The loose blush is the most unique in this kit.

Loose Blush

The most uniquest of this year is this loose blush.

SUQQU Loose Blush

Simply a loose kind blush.

SUQQU 2017 Blush

It is really hard to see that there are full of small glitters. And also hard to see the difference between two blushes, in my eyes #101 is whitish pink, and #102 is one tone dark.

It is already too sold out. Please keep your eyes on us for the next year!