Cosme Decorte Phytotune Refining Softener

I had thought that I had already uploaded my review for Cosme Decorte Phytotune Refining Softener, but seemed it is not yet.

With comparing Cosme Decorte AQ Emulsion ER, I tell you about Cosme Decorte Phytotune Refining Softener ER.

Cosme Decorte by KOSE has some line, and under Cosme Decorte line, Phytotune is the most affordable line, as I know.

In Phytotune, Cosme Decorte claims that essences from marine dirt are tuning your skin — dry, pore, dull skin condition better, but who knows… I am not the person who trusts these sweet words by cosmetic companies πŸ˜€

Anyway, in person, texture, feeling, scent are more important to let you know, I am sure.

Cosme Decorte AQ Emulsion & Phytotune Refining Sogtener ER

The texture of Phytotune is runnier than AQ Emulsion.

Some of the Japanese reviewers are saying the scent of Phytotune is wired, but I felt something herbal. I prefer this perfume more than Albion Exage.

The texture is so different. This Phytotune is ER, meaning Extra Rich. Indeed its texture is light and much quicker to be smooth than AQ. I should better to compare this product to Infinesse Derma Pump Milk. I felt this is light, but I never say this is not oily. Yes, this product is also oilier.

There are no sting nor irritation.

I should better to compare this emulsion to Exage, I have better impression than Exage, yeah, on the view point of the scent. But the best is Cosme Decorte AQ Emulsion πŸ™‚

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