POLA B.A Cream

I got a sample of Pola BA Cream.

I have a good experience with POLA RED B.A. and using some samples “Black” BA is also attractive.

POLA BA Cream on spoon

POLA claims this cream is for supple skin with moisturizing. As the moisturizing factor, it has an ingredient of Golden LP, made from Golden Silk.

Hmm… I am not a person who trusts these “claims” by cosmetic companies. In person, these factors like texture, scent, and “feel” are much important.

Let me use.

The cream is yellowish color, probably the “image” of Golden Silk.

My skin was moisturized (pretty well) with Cosme Decorte AQ Milk & Lotion, without my favorite AQ Oil.

I applied this BA Cream, and could spread really smoothly. The scent is mild and posh. I found this is a great face cream. But for me it is too much.

My skin is drier, but the air is drier and drier day by day. It is getting chilly too. My skin is keeping better condition as the season, but it is not perfect. I need oil. However this cream is too oily for my current skin condition. Really sticky texture it can be due to the combination with AQ Milk & Lotion. I got only one sample, and I can not change the quantity and combination with other skincare items like POLA RED B.A.

Sadly the combination was wrong, I felt this cream is too rich. Or it is a possibility that this cream is too early for me.

And POLA claims this is for the supple skin, I did not find that too. If you are looking for something “lifting” functions, I recommend to use Albion Infinesse line, but I also need to note that I liked the scent of BA more than Infinesse.

Anyway, totally to say, I can not judge this cream with only one sample without the combination of other POLA BA collection.

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