Cosme Decorte AQ Oil Infusion is the best cosmetic oil ever use!

As of September of 2017, Cosme Decorte released new line of Cosme Decorte AQ.

In this AQ, there are two cosmetic oils, “Cosme Decorte AQ Oil Infusion” aka “Yellow Oil”, and “Cosme Decorte AQ Botanical Pure Oil” aka “Green Oil”.

It is my “Yellow Bottle” 🙂

I got a sample of Cosme Decorte AQ, and was almost fall in love with the Milk and Lotion, especially the scent, and jumped them to buy. Some of the repeat customers bought them after reading my articles. Hope they are fitting to your skin!

And now, it is already mid Autumn, the leaves are turning to yellow or red now. I mean… for my skin, it is not nice season, dry and cold season.

Indeed my skin condition is not so bad, more than better. This Oil Infusion is one of the reason, I am sure. When I bought the AQ Milk and Lotion, I also bought this “yellow oil”. I thought it is better to write after using it for  one month or more (and in addition, I was too busy to finish my articles).

OK, now I can write, no, I needed to write about this “Yellow Oil”

The yellow bottle is a kind of odd. Seems it is not a kind of light-shielding, simply yellow. Let me show you with the white back.

Cosme Decoete AQ Oil

Actually there are no color.

You know, I am talking a photo by myself, and having a camera in my right, and the dropper is on my left. I needed to take several shots to show this picture, because accidentally I dropped many 😀

Please pay attention to use these dropper style products!

Way to use

Ok, back to the product itself.

AQ method is the same with Albion. See also Albion Skincare Method.

According to the BC of Cosme Decorte, this oil is after the lotion. And the quantity is 4 drops each. This oil is for night, but the light texture is easy to use in morning too.

To be honest, especially in morning, I often use the lotion only. In drier morning, I add this oil. And at night I use the Milk & the Lotion just after my bath, and I use this oil before of my sleeping. I combine POLA RED BA too.

You can combine as your favorite.

How do I feel?

In person, I am so satisfied with this oil — everything including the dropper.

The dropper is not so much fantastic as the view point of the hygiene, and safety use. I never recommend to use this if you have little kids. Never allow them to touch.

Indeed it is the droppers what you can control the quantity. According to the BC of Cosme Decorte, she told me that to use 4 drops, but in person, I change the quantity every use. When my skin is drier, or cold night, I use this oil more than 4 drops. In morning, I use 1 drop for whole of my face. It is not a smart shape for safety use and hygiene, but better solution for those products.

The texture is super light. There are some cosmetic oils I had used, and guess this is the lightest.

Some cosmetic oils are “botanical” or plants based, and quickly seeing the ingredients, this is a mineral oil based cosmetic oils.

When I apply this on my face with bigger quantity, it is coming to sticky, but when I use simply one or two drops, my skin afterward is smooth.

Some of the customers told me that they want to avoid mineral oils, and the other told me that they do not prefer botanical essences due to the allergies. Seems this oil is based on the mineral oils, but it is with birch essences. I am in love with this cosmetic oil, but if you want to avoid mineral oils, or plants essences, this is not for you.

Anyway, my skin condition with this oil almost for one month. I often get rough skin in Autumn, or before of my period, in this September-October, there are nothing.

I am feeling this good condition is brought by this Cosme Decoete AQ Oil Infusion (and others). I may update this review in the mid of winter.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Cosme Decorte AQ Oil Infusion “, or in our JPY Branch!