POLA RED B.A Milk made my skin smooth :)))

After the RED B.A Lotion, I apply this RED B.A Milk. (Please see also our review of POLA RED B.A Lotion)

Pola Red BA Lotion Emulsion

The milk is simply a white emulsion.

Pola Red BA Emulsion

The emulsion is not sticky, but light and smooth. Because this trial bottle is not with pump, it is not so much fan with using, but do not worry. Seems the regular bottle is the pump. It is much easier to use.

On my face it moisturized pretty well. Of course there are nothing irritation. It is the most important factor.

My skin afterward is smoother 🙂

I do not say this product is “oily” for my dryer skin. But if you are an oil prone or even combination – oily skin, this RED Milk is too much oily for you.

The texture, thickness, my face texture afterward are the very what I am looking for.

Recently I often use RED B.A for morning, and Cosme Decorte AQ for night.

It is not enough to have fantastic effect using one day, or one week only. My skin condition is much better as the season of Sep – Oct. Cosme Decorte AQ are one of the reasons, and I also think this POLA RED B.A is also.

I hope it can be less problem Autumn-Winter with these products!

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “POLA RED B.A Milk”, or in JPY Branch.