If you are an oil prone, one of the suggestion is Orbis

Sometimes we are asked by “oil prone” people we are not sure they are truly oil prone or pretending to be, they often ask Albion products with day dreaming. As I often write, Albion IS the maker which must to be kept your steps if you insist you are an oil prone. Myself is a person who have a problem of drier skin, Albion IS the brand fitting to me.

While my vacation, I could meet some of the friends whom we have not seem in this few years. Time flies. I asked them which brands they are using. One of the answer is Orbis, because she IS an oil prone, as I remember she had full of acnes on her face when we were 20 years old.

I chose Orbis U, one of their aging care line to show you. All of the bottle has “oil cut”. Yeah, that’s for you (, and thought not for me).

orbis u set

Before talking about the each of the products, I wanna show you the full bottle of a lotion.

orbis u moist up lotion

They are simple packaging, and without paper/ plastic boxes, they use plastic sealed bag. We may not open the bag before the shipping.

We are going to deal Orbis U, the aging care line, but if you want us to ship to you Aquaforce or other line, please feel free to ask us.