Fancl BC Beauty Concentrate (Formula of 2016) keeps my skin well moisturized while my traveling!

I bought a  bottle of BC Beauty Concentrate, which is a new formula  for Winter 2016. The release day was mid of Dec, but I bought one of the items for the winter kit. I could carry this to my Winter vacation 🙂


When I pull up the cap, there is also a cap, please screw to remove this.

I use this after my lotion, and the quantity is 3 pushes. When I feel it is not enough I add more, one push by one push. Please find your quantity 🙂

Beauty concentrate

As I remember the previously, the cream was more yellow- white, and in this formula, it is more white.

This is a little bit oiler than Fancl’s “essence” products. My skin is drier, and I guess I need oil more. If you are a person, who dislike the products with oil/ oil prone, this is not for you.

I used it while my winter off. As you know it is super drier in the hotels. I needed something more concentrate or boost, no, what I needed was just keeping my skin well moisturized. It is not easy how I tried to care well while my traveling, but it is pretty hard to keep. In this time, I say “so so”, but it means it worked pretty good.

This is oilier product, it is just comparing other Fancl products, and compared with Albion products, I guess it is not oily, or greasy. When I put those greasy products too much, I get acne. There are no acnes, just smooth.

There are other great products, like cream or emulsion with oil, but there is no artificial perfume in this Fancl BC Concentrate. This is also the reason why I may repeat this product.

Fancl bottle

When you find something “red” or odd color on the window of the bottle, it is meaning that you are using at all the bottle.

Please check the latest price from here:Fancl BC Concentrate