Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box: Dec 2015

Oops, seems I had forgot to tell you what was Beauty Box Nov 2015. It was Makeup Holiday Kit, they got SUQQU, Cosme Decorte AQMW, and Chicca 🙂

In this month of Dec 2015, we chose Fancl Brilliant Synergy Kit 2015.
Fancl Briliant Synagy Kit
Because we have lots of pouches, as long as we can, we choose “no pouches” things. We had asked the customers, and when they prefer their pouches, we ordered that.

The inside was below:

  • Massage Clear Pack (10g x 3)
  • BC Beauty Concentrate (9ml)
  • W Moist Cream Mask Pink Dollce (18ml x 3)
  • Oil Mist Flower Cocktail (35ml)
  • Pouch or Eye serum samples (Please choose!, if you do not choose, we will order Eye Serum)

Massage Clear Pack is the same with regular product. We had reviewed it last year. See also: Fancl Brilliant Synergy Kit (2014).

BC Beauty Concentrate is a mini size of regular item. See also: Personal Review of BC Beauty Concentrate.

Eye Serum is a sample. Oops, seems I have not reviewed this product. This is also one of my regular products!

Sheet Mask and Oil Mist Flowe Cocktail will be new and limited.

We are going to review those products pretty soon!

If you wanna have this kit, please order as soon as possible! Brilliant Synergy Kit