Ignis Moisturizing Peace

Albion changed Ignis products on SS2020-AW2020.

This Ignis Moisturizing Peace is a massage cream. I got samples, and let me share how felt.

They say apply it on your clean face, in Albion method it should be after Emulsion/ Milk, and gently massage on your face. When you feel it is sticky, put a tissue on your face. That’s all. Neither wiping nor rinsing.

ignis massage

Afterward of applying it on my face, I felt the surface is a little bit sticky, but it suddenly change to tight. I felt it is not a massage cream, but a kind of All-in-one product.

In Ignis Whitening Line, there is “Whitening Oasis” , what is also a massaging and make rough skin smoother. In person, I prefer to use Whitening Oasis than this product.

But there are neither stinging nor irritation. My skin condition was on the corner of turning to rough, but it helped my skin to be keep being healthy.

I also need note that, the next day I found two acne. When I was young I had acnes (but not volcano look), I hardly have acne. This Moisturizing Peace is the factor what I changed from my routine. Logically, I describe it brought me acne. If you are easily to have acne, please pay attention to use it.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Ignis Moist Line”.