Ignis Moisturizing Essence

Albion changed whole of Ignis line in SS2020 to AW2020.

Newly I got samples of Ignis Moisturizing Essence, and let me share how I felt.

ignis essence

This essence is a product designed as your final step of your skin care routine.

It is a light texture, and moisturized my skin nicely. When I am in busy, I apply those products for the final step, just after my face washing 🙂 The cosmetic companies say really a lot, and BC insists something strange, but I think you can use products as your need of skin condition, and as you want. 

Few mins later of applying it, my skin is turning to naturally smoother. It is easy to go to the next step of sunscreen 🙂

In another day, I used Ignis Moist Premium Essence, and I feel this Ignis Moisturizing Essence is a little bit lighter.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Ignis Moist Line”.