Lunasol Fusing Oil Glow

Lunasol Fusing Oil Glow is a new emulsion foundation in Lunasol.

I got a sample of #OC02 shade, let me share how I felt.

Generally to say;

On my face, it covers well. Lasting is not lesser than powder foundations.

Shade Swatch

With Albion Excia AL Stay Perfect White Emulsion

I swatched Albion Excia AL Stay Perfect White Emulsion #NA201 & #NA211, and this Lunasol.

lunasol oil

#OC02 is near to #NA211. Indeed #OC02 is a little bit more Ochre than #NA211.

With Lunasol Glowing Seamless Balm #OC02

In this swatch, I compared the same shades in the same brand.

Lunasol foundation swatch

You may see Lunasol Glowing Seamless Balm, the cream foundation side is slightly darker, but there is a possibility of the different of the layer. In my eyes, both can be categorised as the same shade group.

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