IPSA Cleansing Cream EX is not good at removing waterproof makeups

I bought a trial size of IPSA Cleansing Cream EX.


Let me share with my review.

My makeup are

  • Lunasol Powder foundation
  • Twany Century The Powder Foundation
  • Twany Powder Foundation
  • RMK Eyeshadow
  • Three Eyeliner
  • Lunasol Liquid Lip

IPSA Cleansing arm

I liked this scent of Orange, seeing the ingredients, there is no “perfume”, but “orange oil”, maybe its smell. I pretty like its feint scent.

I applied this makeup remover on my arm.

IPSA Cleansing spread

But see, this is not working well 🙁

I wiped my arm by tissue.

IPSA Cleansing Wiped first

Oh no. The waterproof products were left, and I can see even the lip.

I had thought it can be because the quantity was not enough, I add again.

IPSA Cleansing Second

And wiped..

IPSA Cleansing Wipe Second

Still few were remained.

I liked IPSA Cleansing Oil EX, but the Gel was not for me. I had expected Cream might be better than gel, and I guess better than gel, but not for me, who where waterproof eyeliners and mascaras.

If you do not wear waterproof makeup products, you may like it.

Check the latest price, and order from here; “IPSA Makeup Remover”.