POLA B.A Colors Lipstick is the best lasting, ever used

Previously I bought Addiction Lipstick Pure ,the color was nice but it made my lips dry. It is not bad, but not so much lovely to keep using.

I was looking for something beautiful red lip not glow type. Recently a friend of mine who is a repeater of Pola who bought BA Colors Lipstick. She told me that it is not so much glow, and good lasting. we Japanese describe “Matte” as this less-glow products. She is tough person, she rarely pealed her lips by any lips. It is her I gave the Addiction lip what I opted not to use. She reminded that I am looking for something red lips gentle for my lips.

She found BA Colors Lipstick might not bad for my demand.Please check the latest price, and order from here: “POLA B.A Colors Lipstick


I chose RE, true red color.

POLA BA Colors

Let me swatch on my arm. You know, this is the very what I am looking for! It is brightly coloring.


In this Lipstick, Pola is using moisturizer as one of the ingredients.</spann class> My lip condition is not fabulous, drier and easy to be pealed.

Fortunately I did not feel anything dry. Neither pealed nor dryness.</spann class>

And wonderfully there are no perfume. It is not nice to use perfumed lipsticks.

Here is a swatch with Suqqu. You may see Suqqu Extra Glow #Fukabeni is with more glow you will see even in this wide.


Both are vivid. But different type.

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Good Lasting!

This POLA BA Colors Lipstick is so great that no perfume in this lipstick. And as a friend of mine who told me this lipstick, I felt it is a good lasting, and not easy to remove too.</spann class> You know the good lasting is also meaning bad removal, on the swatch with SUQQU, the SUQQU is pretty easy to remove, but in BA, the speed of removal was slow.

Let me show you my quick experiment.
Lip Swatch

The lipsticks are below, and my arm was naked.

① SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick #12 Yuridaidai
② SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick #08 Fukabeni
③ POLA B.A Colors Lipstick #RE (This lipstick)
④ SUQQU Moisture Rich Lipstick #10 Kogareaka

First experiment is touching by tissue. As you know some lip colors are removed only touching by tissue.

Swatch tissue

①&②Extra Glow is less removed. ③BA Colors is “removed” is removed, but still bright-coloring on my arm. ④Moisture Rich is almost removed, but it is not so much ugly.

Second experiment is wiping by wet cotton

Simply, I sprayed Avenne Water on cotton.

Lip swatch Avene

Let’s Go. I wiped gently.

Swatch with water

①Extra Glow #12 Yuridaidai & ④Moisture Rich are almost removed. I could see them faintly in my eyes, but when it is on your lips, none can see. ②Extra Glow #08 Fukabeni is left. Left is left, but compared with ③BA Colors, it is much easy to be removed.

③ BA Colors, it is not only wet but also wiped, I never say it is lasting even you are eating and drinking. Indeed you could see it is lasting pretty well.

Comparing Lancome L’ABSOLU ROUGE

A friend of mine who heard I am looking for some lipsticks with good lasting but no harmful. She gave me Lancome L’ABSOLU ROUGE #C07. This Lancome lipstick is her favourite, and she thought this color is for me.
Lancome #C07


Let me swatch with my other regular lips.

lip swatch

  • Pola B.A Colors Lipstick #RE
  • Lancome #C07
  • SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick #12 Yuridaidai

Good gradation from the red to orange!

When I touch the lips on my arm once, SUQQU is almost gone, but Lancome and Pola are fine.

lips first touch

When I wiped the tissue, SUQQU is gone, and Lancome and pola are left something.

pola lancome suqqu wipe

Actually in my eyes, Pola left better than Lancome.

I was not pealed my lips by this lancome too, and the creamy texture is also better than Pola, I liked the Lancome so much, indeed the perfume is not for me.

If you are looking for good lasting lips, my recommend is Pola.

Totally to say, the color, the lasting, and the no-scent, and this gentle design, I am so satisfied with this BA! But please remember it is not always meaning you will never be pealed by this lipstick. I often pealed or dried by lipsticks, but this BA Colors Lipstick fixed to me.

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