Kanebo Twany Century The Essence Veil N is perfect mach with Twany Century the Powder foundation!

I (Cherry) got a sample of Kanebo Twany Century The Essence Veil N, a foundation primer.

In this tube, there are no “N”, no worries, on the back, there are “n” 🙂 It often happen in cosmetics, as I know.

Let me share with my review with you.

When I open this cap, I found a smell of something I know. Albion Excia AL?? Not perfectly the same, I am sure, but not pretty big difference, for me. One big different is that Excia AL remains the smell longer or entire one day, but Twany went quicker. It is better than Excia AL 🙂

Twany Essence

On my arm.


Can you see? Hmm, it is not pretty easy to see how it changed my skin torn. I felt my skin is turned to whiter than my naked arm. But I do not think it has color controlling effect.

It has sunscreen effect, but it is SPF22/ PA++, not enough for my demand.

The combination with “Century” foundations, here is Twany Century the Powder, #Ochre C.

Twany foundation arm

I think it is the very perfect 🙂

If you order us Century the Powder Foundation, please do not forget this 🙂

Please check the latest price, and the schedule of the obsession: “Kanebo Twany Century”.