We are focusing on JPY Store

We have decided to move to new stage. cherryscosmetics.net

There are some reasons why we stopped USD store: store.cherryscosmetics.com, but it, closing USD store, means that we can serve you much better.

Merit for the customers — Currency exchanging fee

We buy products in Japanese yen, and shipping is also paid in Japanese yen.

When it is by USD, we needed to ask you to pay for few percents for the currency exchanging rate. It means we needed to ask you extra.

If you are in the States, it is less problem. It is PayPal’s expenses what you have to pay.

Still it is the United States, where is the biggest group in the customers are. Indeed the ratio of the customers in the states are almost 50% now.

The ratio of Australian and Asian are glowing.

It is not quite nice for those who are out of the States. You have to buy USD from Australian Dollars with paying expenses for Paypal, and we also need to pay expenses for PayPal to switching that USD to Japanese Yen.

We thank for Paypal, but let’s shrink the expenses!

Merit for the customers — Shipping

Currently, “buy your shipping box to be shipped” style.

We ship through Japan Post, and the shipping is by the destination and the weight.

Our store was originally “Global one shipping fee, including the price” style. We had thought that it is simple and convenient, but to be honest, we needed to set things to Europe, the most expensive place to ship to. Now, sadly the European customers are deceasing and fortunately Asian customers are increasing.

Our first customer in the Spring of 2012 was from the States (friend of mine), and the second and actually our first customer was from Germany in May 2012. But in May 2019, there were no order from European countries 🙁 , and the most order was from the States (of course), and the second was from Singapore (thank you!).

Guess, our style was used to be too nice for current “nitch” needs, and not nice for the actual customers. It is the reason why we made JPY Branch, and in previous style of JPY Branch, we calculated the shipping cost by weight & destination. Asian customers tend to buy skin care products more than makeups.

For all the customers, our current style is nicer than used to be, we are sure.

Basically we ship by EMS. Indeed when your total order is less than JPY10,000, and when you are a repeater, we may be able to ship by Small Packet. You can save the shipping slightly. It is only for these countries.

  • USA & Canada
  • Australia
  • France & UK
  • Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand

Merit for the Customers — No carts means better for your privacy

We have also decided to close our “cart” in online.

Because we do not want to keep your personal information on the third party.

When we do not keep our carts online, your information is kept in both sides of mailing boxes and PayPal. That’s much better to protect your privacy. And also, we do not need to pay for the transaction fee on the third party. It is also a merit.

In previous style of JPY Branch, we calculated the shipping cost by weight & destination, but when it is not calculated by automatic, it is trouble some.

This is the reason why we have decided this system. Choose your products, and buy “shipping box” it is different from your destination.

We think it is fair for all the customers around the world.

Merit for the Customers — Easy to inform you when we are able to go to obtain.

We had used Shopify and Bigcommerce, both are great, but it is not quite easy to customise.

For our sources are different from each brands/ makers. Some are easy to obtain for you on the net, but more than half, we need to go to stores to pick yours up. Living rural city, the living cost is not high, but to go to obtain, we need to pay for the transportation fee and pay for time. We are not able to visit all the stores everyday.


It is on the bottom of the Impress Granmula, what is often asked to buy.

I am running WordPress blog for more than 7 years. I know the way to customise by myself. When I change the date, it is immediately to showing up on the product article!!!

It is also set for the brands like Albion.

It is one of the most convenient issue for you customers, we believe.

Merit for us — Communication for your safety shipping!

There are mostly nice, but it rarely happened odd things. It was rarely, but happened is happened.  Even it was happen less than 1%, but exhausted and unacceptable for such a small store like us.

Each those odd things point out we did not communicate with those customers enough. We could avoid some of the super strange people, and the other do not need spend on us.

We have less interest on your personal life (of course if you want to tell me your story, we are glad to hear), but we need to have your response for your safety shipping.

It is cross-border commerce. We need to communicate.

The style is changing, but the inside members are not changed. The same team, and ready to serve you.

We hope you also like cherryscosmetic.net.