Suqqu Extra Glow Lipstick is vivid but gorgeous!

In this AW 2016, SUQQU changed some of their products, the lipstick is one of them.

#12 Yuridaidai

My new lipstick, #12 Yuridaidai.

SUQQU Extra Glow yuridaidai

It is creamy, and on my arm, it is melting 🙂

SUQQU Yuridaidai

It is vivid, but not pretty much brightly-coloring on my lips.

Here is a swatch with #08 Fukabeni

Exyra Glow

In person, it is a little bit too much orange, indeed I may mix with other colors to use 🙂

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#08 Fukabeni

I (Cherry) bought the one, Suqqu Extra Glow Lipstick #08 Fukabeni. Please let me share with the review of this product.

SUQQU used to with a sleeve for lipstick too, but in this Extra Glow Lipstick, there are no sleeve, and the price is getting affordable. I like this new sleeveless style.

The design is also changed, but to be honest, I like simply black design.


Anyway, let me share with you.

I often wonder how to take the photos of the lips…


Anyway, I wanted to buy new red/ scarlet lips, and I felt scary seeing the poster of new SUQQU, but the lips was nice. This #08 Fukabeni is the lip what the model on the poster was wearing.

Let me apply on my arm.


I was shocking to see the vivid red and it was so soft. I am using CHICCA lips, and they are sheer. And SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist is not so much vivid on my arm/ lips as the product itself.

I was looking for new red or scarlet lips, I am still confusing this lip but I will find the way to use 🙂

I was not looking for matte lips in Suqqu, this glow, but not pretty much shinning lip is for me.

If you are looking for something glow, and vivid lips, this can be one of the solution.

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