Personal Review of ADDICTION Dewy Glow Foundation

I (Cherry) tried to use a sample of ADDICTION’s Dewy Glow Foundation, and I share with you my review.  This foundation is one of the best seller foundation for us.

This foundation is a liquid foundation. The color is 03 Biscuit. I am sure that this color is basic color for Japanese girl.

It is a good thing that I could not find any perfume nor any smell. Sometimes liquid foundations tend to quite oily, but this one is the very “Dewy”, yes, not so oily, and pretty right one. I had tried many number of liquid foundations, but some made me feel too much or as if I were wearing a plastic mask. This Dewy Glow Foundation never make me feel like that.But if you have acnes or some problems on your skin, I recommend to use powder foundations.

Let me show you it on my skin. The primer is ADDICTION Primer. (Please also visit Personal Review of ADDICTION Foundation Primer).


With this 03 Biscuit.


Upper is with primer, lower is without. Blue pinter is showing the gap of them, and red pointer is showing the gap of with this foundation or not. I wish you can find upper is naturally shining, and lower is naturally matte. The big difference is that it is not easy to deteriorate when you apply the primer.

I guess this is more easier to see.

Here is two problems of this liquid foundation; 1) it does not make even well my uneven skin tone. If you do not have flawless skin, I recommend to use primers strong effect for uneven skin tone, or concealers before applying this foundation, 2) even using with primers, it is a little bit easier to deteriorate than other foundations for me in person.

Show you the finish. photo is taken on 4th of Nov, 2015.

Because of the lighting, they are really different. oh no. My skin condition is not pretty good. It was the same day, and took photos in few mins. But you can see the bare skin is not smooth look, but the foundation is well covered, and really natural, I feel. Oh, I have to tell you one more thing. This is with really heavy layer.

Totally to say, if you do not have sweat like me, or you are in dry season or places, and your skin has enough oil, this foundations might be help you to progress your natural beauty. If you have less oil, I do not think this is for you. Especially those who are looking for not oily liquid foundation, I am sure that it is worth trying. If you have uneven skin tone, please apply concealers too, or with heavy layer.

Please check the latest price, find your color, and order from here;  “Dewy Glow Foundation“. Or visit our JPY Branch.