ADDICTION The Glow Foundation is a light texture

In 2017, Addiction changed the formula of their foundations, “Dewy Glow Foundation”, what was the best seller among us was changed to “The Glow Foundation” now.

Finally I got a sample of The Glow Foundation #008, and still I found I have a sample of Addiction The Skincare Foundation, what is also often ordered, and guess you may have interest on the swatch of the same shade number of #008, what is the very standard shade for Japanese.

Can you see? The left is “The Glow”, the light is “The Skincare”.

Swatch of The Glow Foundation & The Skincare Foundation

Upper is The Skincare Foundation #008, and the bottom is this The Glow Foundation.

Addiction The Glow & The Skin Care

Guess you may know clearly that both shade looked definitely different shade on the drops/ swatch! It was a little bit shocking, and I checked whether I am using the correct, in this time #008, I mean in both package.

But please see the rightest of the picture above, when I blend on my arm, they are the same. The Skincare side looked glow, but it can be because of the lighting, and there are no wired shining factors to let your face artificial glow/ radiant.

For me, both are no shining foundations, and light foundation. It is true that comparing with The Glow Foundation, The Skincare Foundation side has something herbal scent.

What is the difference between these two foundations? Actually after one hour, I found that The Skincare Foundation side is more “moisturized” than The Glow Foundation side. If your skin is quite dry, guess The Skincare Foundation is better. If you have oily skin probably you prefer The Glow Foundation.

Review for The Glow Foundation

Guess this The Glow Foundation is quite light texture, no radiant/ glow (it is wired but there are no shining factors on my face, as if it were a powder foundation). The covering is less to natural, I believe that it covers much better than SUQQU Nude Wear Liquid Foundation, but if you prefer foundations with well coverage, this The Glow Foundation is not for you.

The lasting is not fabulous, but acceptable.

If you prefer foundations with “glowing”, this is neither for you too.

I had tried many number of liquid foundations, but some made me feel too much or as if I were wearing a plastic mask, but in this The Glow Foundation, there are nothing those wired thing.

For using those less coverage liquid foundations,  if you do not have flawless skin, I recommend to use primers strong effect for uneven skin tone before this foundation, and concealers are also options.

Please check the latest price, find your color, and order from here;  “Addiction Foundations“.