ADDICTION The Skin Care Foundation may be suitable for drier season

Addiction changed all the foundation formula in AW2017. This “The Skin Care Foundation” is also new for mule of AW2017, the previous formula was called as Addiction Skin Care Foundation. Now it is THE skin care foundation. I know some sellers are still selling previous formula, please pay attention.

In Addiction The Skin Care Foundation, it claims to be a multi-purpose foundation, suitable for any skin type, and can be used any season, with its highly moisturizing formula and lightweight texture. It also claims to contain beauty essences so there is no need for primer or finishing powder to set it off.

Texture and Shades

In current formula, there are 15 shades. exactly 15 shades. Seems Addiction are ready samples for #002, #005, #006 and #008. (Please do not ask us to send you these samples, recently Addiction rarely send us foundation samples when we order online. I got them in the counters, so it took time to be reviewed.)

What we got are #005 Nude Ivory and #008 Pure Beige. Seems #005 to #008 are standard shades for us Japanese.

Let me apply on my arm.

The texture of this foundation is very watery and light. It does spread smoothly onto my skin and is very easy to blend. I applied a primer, Addiction Primer ADDICTION, what does not change my skin tone.

As the previous formula, it is so runny. Please shake well the bottle before applying on your face to mix well. And guess you can see the shade difference. #008 may be too “healthy” for my skin, I had thought.

The skin care foundation

Can you see the difference? Probably you may see #008 is a little bit darker than #005.

I tried to take a shot to let you see the difference, but I could not. In my eyes, they are different. #005 is a little bit pinkish, less yellow and lighter shade than #008. #008 is more healthy look. For me, there are less trouble that using both on my face. Probably I can use all of #005 to #008 shades for my purpose.

When I am a little bit tanned, I should choose #008 or probably one or two tones darker then #008. When I am not tanned, but wanted to be looking healthy, #008 or one or two tones lighter is for me. When I am not tanned, and wanted to be looking pale, #005 is for me.

I had thought that I should try #006 and #007, probably they can be mine.

Covering and finish

The covering — my arm is less trouble, you may see how it covers. It looks not bad coverage, but in my face, where is more uneven skin tone, the coverage is not wonderful. But when I applied few times, it covered a little bit better. I don’t think it can cover up spots or blemishes. It makes my skin look good, and naturally glow. It covers pores and redness a little bit.

The finish is smooth and natural for me. Its texture is light, but I do never say it is not oily. It is a little bit oilier, less glow,.

“The Skin Care Foundation”, according to ADDICTION, this is for keeping your skin moisturized. Indeed as the same with the previous formula, it is quite light. The very the mode of 2018 🙂 ADDICTION insists “you do not need primers nor powders”, indeed I recommend to use your sunscreens. Its sunscreen effect (SPF25, PA++ ) is not enough.


The lasting. It is sunny day, but windy and drier, typically May in here. I sweated with walking and … yeah due to my sweat, it was gone.

Probably It is designed for Autumn to Winter, not late Spring or for early Summer.

Totally to say, I was satisfied with its light texture, the natural covering and finish. The lasting is not wonderful for using Summer.

Shade Swatch with THREE Fluid

Three Fluid Foundation is one of what I repeat, currently I am using Cosme Decorte The Liquid Foundation, recently I got a sample of THREE fluid #203, and here is the swatch with two Addiction foundations.

Three addiction

These three foundations are light texture, and I feel THREE #203 is a little bit darker than even Addiction #008.

Please check the latest price, find your color, and order from here;  “Addiction Foundations“.