ADDICTION Primer Addiction

I (Cherry) got a sample of ADDICTION Primer Addiction. Let me show you how I felt.

Addiction changed the formula of all of the formula of foundations and foundation primer. Probably it was called as “Addiction Primer” on the tube type, but the current formula is on a jar.

Mine is a sample.

We Japanese girls use “Base”, it is pretty hard to find such things in the States for me. I changed terms as “foundation primer”, some beauty consultants understood what I was meaning. I mean the items before foundation. Some are with sunscreen effects, the other are with pore shrinker effects etc. Talking with Korean girls, they mixed foundation primers and color controls. Color controllers are also using for before foundation, but for me they are for pin-point using. Of course, there are some foundation primers which have color controlling effects. Anyway, please choose as what kind of skin you want to be looked.

Anyway, this primer itself.

Addiction primer

It is a white cream. When I applied on my arm, it does not change my skin tone.

Seems it is fitting to the foundation on your dried face smoother.

With The Skin Care Foundation, it does not so much typically great. (I thought, “so what?”)

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, this has good reputation. Seems it is not covering, but keeping the skin condition well moisturised while makeup. I understand there are those demand. Some are saying it made casts on the face after few hours, one of them are insisting it was the combination with her rich moisturisers what brought the casts or quickly melting.

In person, in this Addiction Primer Addiction, its sunscreen effect is SPF12・PA+. This is the reason why I do not choose for the foundations with weak sunscreen effect.

Generally speaking, the best points of this product are no perfume, and no pain on my skin. They are quite important for me, in person.

Please check the latest price, and order this primer from here “ADDICTION Primer ADDICTION“.