SUQQU Frame Fix Moist Pact Foundation N is for dry skin, and natural finish!

Suqqu produced new foundation, SUQQU Frame Fix Moist Pact Foundation N, in 2014.

Let me share with you my personal Review.

The color is #102, the standard shade for Japanese, as they set.

What this foundation?


At first, I guess I need to mention about this foundation.

Those foundations are called as “emulsion” foundation, and in SUQQU, there are two types: Moist Pact and Lasting Pact.  Lasting Pact  is for the people who has drier skin, but often sweat, on the other hand, Moist Pact is for those who net dry skin.  Choose as your preference and skin condition.

Compared with “Lasting Pact Foundation N” and “Moist Pact Foundation N”,

Sunscreen Effect: L;SPF30 PA+++ &; M; SPF25 PA++
Water resistance effect: L; stronger &; M; weaker


Frankly to say, I thought might be dark for my skin. Anyway, let me show you this foundation on my arm.

Because of the righting, the color is a little bit pail than from what I see.


It is we can apply this product without primers that the good point of SUQQU’s “Flame Fix” foundations.


You can see a spot, on my arm. See it.

See, my arms are more and more flawless with this foundation. I guess this is middle to full coverage. The finish is natural to matte on my skin. Of course, when you apply foundation primers or concealers, like Lunasol Under Eyes Concealer, it is so easy to hide your spots.

The second good point is this is without perfume.

For me, it is colder, but when I go outside, it is still easy to sweat. I felt Moist Pact Foundation N is a little bit easy to run out for this season. When I stay at room, this foundation is pretty good to keep my skin comfortably moist.

Please check the color, and latest price from here;”SUQQU Frae Fix Moist Pact Foundation N“.

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