RMK Skin Tuner Treatment Extra Moist has nice scent of rose essential oils and no sting :)

I (Cherry) got a sample of RMK Skin Tuner Treatment Extra Moist.
Please let me share with you my personal review of this product.

“Skin Tuner Treatment” is toner/ lotion for anti-aging. There are Moist and Extra Moist.

As I had mentioned on my review of the Moist version, sadly I felt a sting on the edge of my eyelids. So, I hesitated to use this Extra Moist lotion, but I had no need to worry about it.

The perfume is by rose and geranium essential oil. I hate artificial floral perfume, but I like this pretty much. I felt as if I had been at the flower garden 🙂

It moisturized me pretty well. I could not enjoy the Moist because of the sting, so I can not compare with Moist and this Extra Moist. Just thought you can choose by perfume as you want. Just saying, I did not feel any of sting by this Extra Moist 🙂

Most of the skin care system in Japanese cosmetics are using lotion and emulsion. But RMK’s lotions are the items “you have no need to use emulsion“. If you wanna use something gel or cream or something, you can use them, but if you are quite busy, you have no need to use extra product.

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