RMK Skin Tuner Treatment Moist gave me sting :( probably by its ginger

I (Cherry) obtained a sample of RMK Skin Turner Treatment Moist.
Let me share with you my personal review of this product.

RMK Skin Tuner Treatment Moist is a lotion/ toner, for anti-aging.

When I opened the sample, I found this is quite unique perfume — According to RMK, they are using essential oil of lavender and ginger. I loved this scent, especially spicy ginger.

I applied on my face, and I found one problem. It moisturized my skin well. Generally it is ok, but I got sting on the edge of my eyelids. It gone quickly, but this is not fun. I just remind myself that I had sting by peppermint oils.

If you have sensitive skin, and you had experienced to have stinr by  peppermint oil or ginger oil, this is not for you 🙁

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