Lunasol Watery Primer is full of glitters!

I got a sample of Lunasol Watery Primer, what is SS2018.

The shade is #01, and as of Dec 2018, it is only one shade for this Lunasol Watery Primer. Guess they can add other shades in other season, or for limited.

Anyway, I had expected it is a bunch of RMK Makeup Base (actually they are totally different!)

Lunasol Watery primer 01

OK, the shade itself is orange based beige, and it does neither change my skin tone, nor be covering. I was surprised that there is full of glitters! Can you see on the picture above? I tried to show, but failed.

Primer glitter

Guess this photo of the residue on the sample package is the easiest to see this primer is not a simple liquid. The uneven things are glitters. It says shake well before using, it means it is full of glitters!

As I remember RMK Creamy Polished Base N is also a primer with many glitters, but guess in this Lunasol primer, there the glitters are bigger size and the quantity is also more.

I am not looking for these primers with glitters, but I know some are looking for let your face radiant or glow more and more. Or, if you have too sheer foundation, you can change the finish for shimmer with using this primer.

Guess this primer can help your demand!

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