I (Cherry) got a sample of Cosme Decorte AQMW Facial Wash. Let me share with you my person al review.

AQMW Facial Form

This kind of “foam” are so easy to make bubble. This is one of the most easy to do, as I had tried.

AQMW Facial Wash Foam

The perfume of AQMW is sandalwood, and this is also. I like this elegant smell. But I also know there are many of the person who dislike this strong perfume.

Sometimes face washes make my face super dry afterward, but I did not feel that. I need face washes what wash my face, but I do not need things completely fry afterward. I guess for the person of dry skin, you may say this is stronger, but for me, this is good.

For me, compared with those foam cleansers, dry level after washing are below.

From moist to dry
Moist: SUQQU Refining Foam< Ignis VQ < AQMW(This!) < THREE Balancing Foam< RMK :Dry

I bought Cosme Decorte AQMW 2015 Elegance Cruise Kit.

Cosme Decorte 2015 Elegance Cruise Kit

You will see this Face Wash in the second from the left. This is so lovely.

Using this as daily, I found there are really good point.

Recently I often use cream makeup removers, and my Dermatologist told me do not touch my face a lot, even washing my face. So, I do not wipe my face by cotton. I make rich foam by this face wash with mild water. Just applying the foam and without touch my skin directly, I can remove both makeup remover dirt well.

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, I found some are saying it cleared their black pores. I have big pores, but they are not black, and I don’t feel it cleared my pores.

That’s right this face wash is not cheap, and this is just a face wash. But I have not found a face wash with a sandalwood scent. If you like a scent of sandalwood, it will be a try worth.

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