Fancl BC Emulsion (Formula of 2017) is oilier emulsion what I am looking for!

Let me (Cherry) share with my personal review of Fancl BC Emulsion, they will change its formula SS2017. I got a sample of this.

Formula of 2017

I have used BC line for my rescue items. In the previous formula it was yellow creamy emulsion, the color is, ah, it really looked like custard cream color 🙂

In this formula of 2017, it is milky white, not yellow pixels.

BC Emulsion 2

I have just done with the BC Emulsion of previous formula, compared with this new formula and previous, this new one is “heavier” and “oilier”, I felt.

Fancl BC Emulsion

Fancl tends no oil or less oil. Frankly to say, I feel they are not enough for my dry skin. But this BC Emulsion is oilier than other Fancl products. I have no worry about feeling any stingers. Applying on my skin, I felt no stinger, of course. Unlike previous formula, it is not getting smoother pretty soon.

Hmm. It will be so lovely at night, but at morning. It is too sticky for my face.

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