Cosme Decorte AQMW Cleansing Emulsion, apply a lot to remove well

Cosme Decorte AQMW Cleansing Emulsion is new for 2015. It was included 2015 Elegance Cruise Kit, aka 2015 skin care kit, and of corse, I bought the kit again in 2016.

In this picture, the left is this Cleansing Emulsion.

Cosme Decorte 2015 Elegance Cruise Kit

I know the name is miss-readable, this product is a makeup remover.

Let me show you my reviews, there are two reviews for this one product, written in 2016 and 2017. I changed my mind in 2017. Please read this review to the bottom.

AQMW Cleansing Emulsion

Written in 2016

The makeup is below.


Coffert D’or is waterproof, really strong proof, some emulsions can not remove this at all.

I could remove well, including the letter by waterproof Coffret D’or, but to be honest, I felt I needed to wipe many times. Now, I do not want to scratch even touch my skin to remove. I am using this when I just wear foundations.

Written in 2017

To change the better quality photos, I took photos again, and changed my mind for this product.

Anyway, let me show you.

My makeup are below:

AQMW remove

The Super Sharp is one of the eyeliners what is pretty hard to remove. It is simply easy to see whether the makeup remover is easy to remove or not.

I felt I took too much of this remover for this light makeup.

AQMW apply

And massaged gently with the cotton.


AQMW done

It removed all really quickly.

I thought I had needed more than previously I had taken!

So, I can say this makeup remover removes my waterproof makeups really smooth.

Remember, apply a lot 🙂

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