Fancl Botanical Force Essence Emulsion is a simply emulsion

Let me show you my review of Fancl Botanical Force Essence Emulsion

botanical force

My skin condition was not pretty good in this Spring, and I thought it is not a good idea to try new items. So it took time to be reviewed.

(oops, when I change the photo stock sites, seems I had discard this photo…)

Yes, the VERY emulsion. If you have tried Fancl’s other emulsions, you may know how they are not pretty much easy to apply. But this pump style is so friendly to use.

The emulsion itself is less oily for me. I had thought this may for the person who like Fancl’s “light” series, but checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, some said this is oily.

I often feel stinger by emulsions, this is one of the reason why I didn’t use while my skin condition was bad. I was abrading to apply this, fortunately, there are no stinger. However checking what reviewers are saying, some having sensitive skin got lush, even they are Fancl users. For me, this is good, but if you have sensitive skin, my recommend is using Fancl’s other products like Active Conditioning line.

I had thought this may have scent from essential oils, but nothing.

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