Fancl Botanical Force Essence Cleansing Oil (Formula of 2023 is an affordable makeup remover

Fancl changed the formula of “Botanical Force” in SS2023. I bought a small trial kit.

Please let me share with my personal review of Fancl Botanical Force Essence Cleansing Oil.

I was a repeater of Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil, and I had used the previous formula of Botanical Force Essence Cleansing Oil, what is an affordable makeup remover.

My Makeup are below:

The color is transparent. As I remember, in the previous formula, there is a scent of Lavender, and also they have herbal scent.

Fancel Botanical oil

The scent is not pretty nice, and  once there would be including mint essence or something, I would feel stinger on my lips and eyelids, fortunately there are no such things.

Fancl Botanical cleansing oil

I wiped  once and you know, the RMK Mascara is really hard to be removed, and look the picture above.

Lip stick was not removed in the first wipe, but this remover is easy to remove.

See, I could remove perfectly!

Fortunately, I did not feel anything dry, afterward of my face wash (I used regular face wash).

Oil makeup removers are so quick to remove your makeups, but it often remove your facial oils to keep your face moisturised. Use quickly, and rinse your face pretty well. And I use my face washes after of makeup removers.

PLEASE do not forget moisturise your face after you washing.

Totally to say, this makeup remover is great among the affordable price products.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “ Fancl Botanical Force Line”

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