Fancl Botanical Force Essence Jelly Milk

AW2016, they changed the formula of Botanical Force line. Essence Emulsion is now Fancl Botanical Force Essence Jelly Milk.

Fancl Botanical set

Let me show you my review for this.

Fancl Botanical Emulsion


Yes, the VERY emulsion. A little bit soften and light texture.

The emulsion itself is less oily for me.

I often feel sting by emulsions, this is one of the reason why I didn’t use while my skin condition was bad. I was hesitated to apply this, fortunately, there are no irritation.

My skin afterward of this emulsion/ jelly, I felt my skin is well moisturised.

I liked it pretty much, seems it is also designed to use single use, of course you can combine, but when you are too tired to care your skin, you can use this jelly only. I recommend to use that a kind of temporary or emergency rescue, not daily. Or… I admit I often do that in morning 😀

I will buy a full bottle to confirm it is simply a pump or something, please let me upload on our store later of knowing.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Fancl Botanical Force Essence Emulsion.